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Agod Protocol brings an efficient and remarkable crypto exchange technology at your service with the ability to trade more than 100 financial assets. This Mexican company has shown a massive growth rate where users are provided with  the benefit of an easy transaction process due to the system being decentralized, free of the involvement of intermediate parties.



Rabitty was aiming to develop a platform where users had the freedom to choose their currency using a crypto wallet. Their goal, like many clients, was a system built upon the blockchain and decentralized technologies which would have minimize processing fees and maximize earnings. Hence, our challenge here would be to provide a solution that employed a top-notch technology, yet was also budget friendly.


Working on this project did not come without its challenges, like any other project that we execute and put our heart into. As we initially worked on the wireframe, we wanted to ensure that all essential features were included and would be intuitively accessed by the end user.

Technological products can not compromise on security, and specially when it comes to financial technology. Hence we researched on which blockchain technology would provide the optimum level of security.

Additionally, we worked towards building a program that would be a cinch to use. Recognizing that we were building for a client that wasn’t completely technologically sound, we took it upon us to provide them with a administrator dashboard that they would be able to operate without any problems. Moreover, our work didn’t just end there since we, as a company, ensure that the client could have a hassle free experience that is long term and so we would remain available even after the development of the program.

Easy Transaction Process

Providing solutions that are completely robust and the most efficient, we see to it that the final deal includes and easy transaction processing with minimal transactional charges. Users have complete control over which coin they would like to trade in and on the other end, the admin also has the privilege of being able to add additional cryptocurrency on the platform if they should so desire. Paired with that, an analytical dashboard is also included giving statistics on the number of users, and those that are new and the number of transactions being made.

Integration With Powerful Technologies

Being incorporated with latest market trends and technologies, the Rabitty wallet supports a range of platforms from iOS, Android and Windows to Linux! We have developed these wallets integrated with facial recognition as protection for the end users, making it their go-to wallet at all times. A myriad languages to the like of Python and Ruby have been employed for smart contract development. Moreover, the end solution is completely compliant with legal standards and so the client and the end user is completely protected.

The Final Result

Reputed to build only the most comprehensive, robust, and technologically efficient solutions in the blockchain and crypto technology, our experts made this project a success story, too! Providing a platform that is intuitive and feature rich, there was no compromise on security where like all solutions, we worked to build a 360 degree server and data security.