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P2E Gaming Treasure

P2E Gaming Treasure is a gaming platform allowing users to play and trade weapons and avatars and earn rewards while doing so. Providing a range of games from action and adventure to casino and card games, P2E Gaming Treasure has something for every gamer out there.


Offering an entire spectrum of games, this company attracts users of all ages and types where they were charted to have exponential growth with massive traffic on their platform. Hence, they decided to take their game up a notch with a feature rich application so they can offer and earn more!


With an app, they had two major goals in mind: to offer rewards to gamers upon clearing certain levels and establish secured ad banners to earn more. To offer rewards, a mechanism would have to be integrated to detect gamers’ levels and offer rewards in form of cash and gift vouchers, while for banners, a blockchain technology would have to be integrated providing secure transactions.

The real challenge came with the fact that the platform was already in use by users and bringing any change, without proper execution, could harm the current APIs set in place.

The Strategy We Implemented

First and foremost, before discussing any solution with the company itself, we prefer to conduct a detailed study of the client, their existing platform (if any) and their objectives and needs. Next, we created an MVP that defined how the app would like, on the client’s request. Thus, the transparent nature of the entire process which allows the client to be a part of the development at every part of it, results in constructing a product that is most suited to the client in terms of its technologies, features and the needs of the emerging gamers and promotional platforms.

2. Rewarding Features
Our team’s efforts were quite fruitful in integrating various rewarding features which then resulted in elevated customer engagement levels. With the development of the platform in Node.js, the design was also kept scalable in terms of its rewarding features.


P2E Gaming Treasure, now, has a platform that allows users to earn reward points and cash bonuses when they’ve played to certain levels. Additionally, the wallet also comes with the feature of a wallet history which shows previously earned and used points.

These latest additions since June 2021 have enabled P2E Gaming Treasure to secure a high number of gamers on their platform with boosted engagement levels.